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Titanic Icons

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01.welcome, to titanic_icons, the only community for all your Titanic graphic needs.


  • Please only post Titanic and Titanic-related icons. Titanic-related icons are considered icons of the real Titanic or icons of the actors [ie. Leo, Kate, Billy, etc.]. Basically please do not post icons of anything else unless it is stated otherwise.

  • Please credit the icon-maker, unless stated otherwise. Follow the rules that the iconer might post. They don't type them up for nothing! Tutorial on this can be found here.

  • Lj-cuts must be used when posting more than THREE icons and ALL larger graphics. ALL requests must be placed under a lj-cut also. If you don't know how, go here.

  • Do not ask where to find pictures. It gets annoying and is spam. I have provided the best web sites for screencaps and scans below.

  • Do not post off-topic posts. Do not post enteries about how much you love Leonardo DiCaprio or anything of the sort. That's what communities like these are for:
    thetitanic, dicaprio_love, katewinslet, billyzane

  • Do not promote your community here. The only exception is if it's Titanic related and if it's in a post with an icon. Sticking a link in to your icon journal or site is okay, too.

  • Do not take members' personal icons, unless stated otherwise. Also do not take icons that are posted in the monthly incon challenges, unless stated otherwise.

  • Watch the language. This doesn't happen often, but we've had someone before. Don't bash people for their icons, and don't go annonymous to do it.

  • These are rules, not guidelines.


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